Lebanon Township Volunteer Fire Department

Our Mission

We provide Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) to our community, as well as mutual aid services to our surrounding municipalities. All of our services are performed by your friends and neighbors—our volunteers—and are performed with professionalism and excellence.

Volunteer With Us

All of our services are provided by volunteers, and we're always recruiting new members to join our department. Whether you would be volunteering for the first time or are a career volunteer, we encourage you to reach out and see how you can help your community.


Members joining the LTVFD to actively fight fires must attend and pass the NJ Division of Fire Safety Firefighter 1 Course.


Members joining the LTVFD to actively run emergency medical calls must attend and pass a NJ State EMT Course.


Anyone over the age of 16 can join to learn about the basic community service skills needed to be a firefighter or EMT.


As a volunteer department, our operational expenses are mainly covered by generous donations and community fundraisers. Every fundraiser provides the department with funds needed to stock supplies, buy new gear, and provide training opportunities to our members.

Pancake Breakfasts

From September to May, we host an all-you-can-eat Pancake Breakfast on the second Sunday of each month. Indulge yourself with pancakes, sausage, eggs, and toast, and meet the members of our department.

Clothing Drop-off

Drop your gently used clothes in the collection shed next to Station 2, located on Hill Road, as a quick and easy way to support our department. Good, clean used items, including clothes, sheets, shoes, belts, purses, bedding and stuffed animals are needed. Each month, these items are collected and our department receives a small donation for each pound of usable clothing donated.

To make sure your donation remains clean and usable, please place it in a plastic bag before placing in the donation shed.


The simplest way to support our department is to give a tax-deductible donation. Monthly, yearly, and one-time donations are accepted and ensure that we can provide the best services possible. Donations can be mailed or delivered to our department mailbox at Town Hall, and all checks should be made out to Lebanon Township Volunteer Fire Department. Alternatively, you can donate through PayPal as linked below.


In order to make our services more available to the community, some of our common forms can be found below. Please deliver these forms to either a department member or to our department mailbox at Town Hall.

Stand-by Requests

If your organization is in need of a fire and/or EMS stand-by, please complete and submit this application well in advance of your event date.

Banquet Hall Rental Forms

Renovated in 2016, our hall is available for your next party. Please contact us for available dates or to meet with an Officer to fill out the rental agreement form.

Burn Permits

To apply for a burn permit for any large scale bonfires or campfires in non-commercial products, please contact the NJ State Forest Fire Service.

Fire Safety and Prevention

Many fire events can be prevented or mitigated just by being educated on proper procedures. Make sure your family has a plan to evacuate your house in the event of a fire. Every year we visit the local elementary schools to teach fire safety and prevention, and upon request we will host additional or more advanced classes.

CPR Education

CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) is an important skill to know if someone nearby suddenly goes into cardiac arrest. Studies have shown maximum survivability for cardiac arrest when CPR is initiated immediately after calling 911. If you wish to learn CPR, you can request a class to be taught for your group or association.

When to Call 911 Thumbnail

When to Call 911

If at any time you are suffering from any emergency you should immediately call 911. This resource covers different types of emergencies, like sudden chest pain, smell of smoke, fire alarms going off, etc. Remember, it's always better to be safe than sorry; we are more than happy to come out at any hour for a medical or fire event.

Smoke Alarms Thumbnail

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are your first line of defense against a fire during the night. Learn about the different types of alarms, how often they should be replaced, and where they should be located throughout your house for the best efficacy. Remember, alarms should be have batteries replaced annually and the alarm heads should be replaced every 10 years.

CO Thumbnail

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an odorless and colorless gas that can cause major illness or death with little to no warning. Read more about CO, the symptoms of CO poisoning, and the common household items that may cause a CO leak. Remember, do not run generators inside a confined space, and be cautious when using gas fueled appliances without proper ventilation.

2019 Officers

Line Officers

Chief: Robert Pek
Deputy Chief of Fire: David Sulpy
Deputy Chief of EMS: Bill Cutri-French
Captain of Fire: James Crampton
Captain of EMS: Philip Dacey
Lieutenant of Fire: Daniel Paolillo
Lieutenant of EMS: William Cox

Administrative Officers

President: Daniel Paolillo
Vice President: Rachel Laul
Treasurer: Linda Cox
Secretary: Sarah Raper


Engine 19-1 (19-61)
19-1, our primary pumper, serves as part of the New Jersey Foam Task Force, and is our first engine out for all structure fires.

Pump Capacity: 1500 gpm
Tank Capacity: 1000 gallons
Make/Model: 2004 Pierce Enforcer

Squad 19 (19-62)
The Squad is our secondary pumper and also carries all extrication equipment for motor vehicle accidents.

Pump Capacity: 1500 gpm
Tank Capacity: 1000 gallons
Make/Model: 2006 Pierce Enforcer

Tac 19 (19-68)
The Tac is equipped as a mini-pumper that can get to the locations our standard pumpers or mutual aid ladders cannot fit.

Pump Capacity: 1500 gpm
Tank Capacity: 250 gallons
Make/Model: Ford F550 Super

Tender 19 (19-75)
Our Tender, which is part of the North Tender Task Force, provides water to incidents in regions with no hydrants or easily accessible water sources.

Pump Capacity: 1000 gpm
Tank Capacity: 3000 gallons
Make/Model: 2012 Mack Granite

Brush 19 (19-82)
Our brush truck and Gator 19 are capable of off-roading to inaccessible fires.

Pump Capacity: 300 gpm
Tank Capacity: 200 gallons
Gator 19: Carries a small pump
and is used for transport

BLS 19-51
2010 Horton Type III Ambulance

Make/Model: 2010 Chevrolet G4500

BLS 19-52
2017 Osage Type I Ambulance

Make/Model: 2017 Ford F-450

BLS 19-53
2006 Horton Type I Ambulance

Make/Model: 2006 Ford F-450

Contact Us

Station 1

143 Anthony Road
Glen Gardner, NJ 08826
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Station 2

532 West Hill Road
Glen Gardner, NJ 08826
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