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Welcome to the Lebanon Township Volunteer Fire Department and EMS ( Ambulance Squad) web home.

Please stop by the fire stations on Monday nights at 7:00 PM to meet our members.

Volunteers are always needed!  Call 908-638-4550, or email info@ltfdnj.org!


Our Mission

The Lebanon Township Volunteer Fire Department provides Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) to our community, as well as mutual aid services to our surrounding municipalities.  All of our services are performed by your friends and neighbors, our volunteers, and are performed with professionalism and excellence, free of charge to the recipient.

We operate two fire stations and own and operate eight pieces of fire apparatus, a heavy rescue engine, and two ambulances.


We Recycle!  Clothing Drop Off

Please change your smoke detector batteries at least once a year!!!

If your C.O. Detector is more than 6 years old Replace it Now!

Important Reminders:

1.  Make sure that your house is accessible to emergency vehicles! The entire length of your driveway should have a clearance of 12 feet wide and 12 feet tall. 

2.  Your house number MUST be clearly marked at the end of your driveway using reflective numbers!

Please donít let a serious situation become a tragedy due to inaccessibility of emergency vehicles.

For emergency information, please visit the


 Hunterdon County Office of Emergency Management

National Weather Service, Mount Holly


2015 Line Officers

The Lebanon Township Volunteer Fire Department is pleased to announce the 2015 Line and Administrative Officers.



Tom Carlucci            Chief 


Firematic Officers:


Jim Crampton          Deputy Chief            

Rob Pek                  Captain #1            


Sue Schlesinger       Lieutenant      



EMS Officers:


Bill Cutri-French       EMS Deputy Chief

Dave Sulpy                Lieutenant

Mark Rothfeld            Lieutenant

Tom Crampton           Lieutenant



Administrative officers:


Paul Ibsen                President

John Kneafsey           Vice President

Samantha Bush          Secretary

Sue Patriarca             Treasurer                

Contact Information

Postal Address:

All Mail Should be directed to Station 2:


Lebanon Township Volunteer Fire Dept. Station 2

532 West Hill Road

Glen Gardner, NJ 08826

(908) 638-4550

(908) 638-4008 Fax

Station 1 street address:

Lebanon Township Volunteer Fire Dept. Station 1

143 Anthony Road

Glen Gardner, NJ 08826

(908) 537-2838


Electronic Mail:
General Information: info@ltfdnj.org
Webmaster: webmaster@ltfdnj.org

Lebanon Township

Volunteer Fire Dept.

and EMS

Station 19

Hunterdon County, NJ






Alex Ambrose *

Alison Ambrose *

Bill Border

Shane Burd

Samantha Bush

Tom Carlucci Jr.*

Jim Crampton

Tom Crampton *

Bill Cuttri-French *

Phil Dacey Jr * 

Giulio Dantonio *

Roger Finley *

Greg Freeborn

Russ Freeborn

Steve Freeborn

Warren Gabriel *

Jay Harkins

Tim Hinson *

Vanessa Paterson

Sean Kelly *

Ed Kiley *

Mike Kumka **

Kate Lagarenne *

Alex Lemenze

Dan McTiernan *

Gary Milkowski **

Jared Patriarca*

Suzanne Patriarca *

Rob Pek

Lou Perry

John Phelan *

Dustin Rapach  Jr FF

Mark Rothfeld *

Colin Runser *

Edd Schaffer *

Sue Schlesinger **

Jeff Smith

Sean Smith *

Bob Stulack

David Sulpy *

Brittany Trawin +

Tony Watkoskey



** 1st Responder


Updated 1/27/14